Den årligen återkommande större marinövningen Baltic Operations, idag väl mer känd under det kortare och mer använda Baltops, genomförs i år för femtionde gången. Deltagande styrkor kommer från inte mindre än 16 Natoländer: Belgien, Danmark, Estland, Frankrike, Italien, Kanada, Lettland, Litauen, Nederländerna, Norge, Polen, Spanien, Storbritannien, Turkiet, Tyskland och USA.Continue Reading

Lavspenningspolitikk er avgjørende for å hindre bruk av atomvåpen – også i Norge. Tydelig nei til atomvåpen på norsk jord har siden 50-tallet vært sentralt i strategien for å sørge for at Norge ikke skal bli en slagmark eller mål i en stormaktskonflikt, som i verste fall innebærer bruk avContinue Reading

Suomen, Ruotsin ja Norjan ilmavoimien järjestämä Arctic Challenge -ilmasotaharjoitus (ACE) käynnistyy maanantaina maiden yhdessä käyttämällä harjoitusalueella pohjoisessa. Isäntämaiden lisäksi mukana on lento-osastoja myös Alankomaista, Saksasta, Britanniasta, Yhdysvalloista ja Tanskasta. Harjoituksessa lennetään kaksi lentokierrosta päivässä Euroopan suurimmassa yhtenäisessä harjoitusilmatilassa Norjan, Suomen ja Ruotsin alueella, kertoo Suomen ilmavoimat tiedotteessa. Kaksi viikkoa kestäväänContinue Reading

The Ministry of Defense has decided to cut costs in its administrative area over the next four years and will be laying off 270 people. Even though investments will not be cut directly, development of the armed forces will be impacted nonetheless. The Ministry of Defense that finds itself underContinue Reading

The pace of inoculating people with the first shot of vaccine has stabilized over the past month – differences in daily vaccination figures are minute. Minister of Health and Labor Tanel Kiik (Center) said that the pace remains stable because of two primary factors and that even the currently sedentaryContinue Reading

Opposition parties allied with the Greens and Farmers Union (ZZS), and Latvia’s Regional Alliance (LRA) did the best out of municipal elections held across most of Latvia June 5, though provisional results show no single party really dominated the poll. According to early results from the Central Elections Commission (CVK),Continue Reading

The importance of traditional election posters in Finnish elections has not diminished, despite this year’s municipal vote being dubbed the “social media election”. Many candidates still believe in the power of putting up posters and signboards of themselves, and political parties have invested more heavily in the medium this timeContinue Reading

The Covid-19 pandemic is over in Norway, according to one of the doctors leading the response against coronavirus in the rich Scandinavian country. Preben Aavitsland, chief physician in the infection control division at the Norwegian Institute of Public Health, tweeted on Sunday a graph showing Norway with its lowest levelContinue Reading