Helsinki is one of the greatest places in the world, according to Time magazine’s 2021 list. The capital of Finland was hailed as one of 100 extraordinary destinations to explore as a city that is becoming “a burgeoning art hot spot.” This is Time’s third annual greatest places list. TheContinue Reading

Oslon katedraalissa pidetään muistojumalanpalvelus Anders Behring Breivikin 77 uhrille. Norjan pääministeri Erna Solberg pitää puheen, ja kuningasperhe laskee seppeleen uhreille. Tuomiokirkossa muistojumalanpalvelus kello 12 Oslon tuomiokirkossa pidetään uhrien muistojumalanpalvelus kello 12 Suomen aikaa. Tuomiokirkon muistojumalanpalveluksen saarnan pitää piispa Kari Veiteberg ja entinen pääministeri Jens Stoltenberg pitää puheen. Norjan kuningas HaraldContinue Reading

The collective labor dispute between the Estonian Nurses’ Union (EÕL) and employers is showing no signs of nearing a solution as even the public conciliator failed to bring about a compromise. Negotiations between nurses and employers were held between June of last year and March and got nowhere. The disputeContinue Reading

“Those vaccines that are already in possession of healthcare institutions, they cannot be taken, and those receiving countries would not be able to accept them,” Anzelika Oraite of the Health Ministry told BNS. Her comment came in response to Lithuania’s preparations to donate coronavirus vaccines to Eastern Partnership countries andContinue Reading