Kuntavaalit ensi keväänä on erityisen tärkeä mittari. Kuntavaalivoittajan on hyvä lähteä eduskuntavaaleihin parin vuoden päästä. Ainakin kolme puoluetta (sd, ps, kok) haluaa olla suurin puolue, ja jokainen puolue haluaa parantaa tulostaan niin kuntavaaleista 2017 kuin toissa kevään eduskuntavaaleista. Ensimmäisenä liikkeelle ehti perussuomalaiset, joka jo kesällä aloitti kampanjoinnin ja ryhtyi rekrytoimaanContinue Reading

Finland’s biggest daily Helsingin Sanomat analysed this suggestion made by Left Alliance Chair Li Andersson during the party’s recent summer meeting. At the time, the minister said that shortening the duration of civilian and military service could increase employment “significantly, by several thousand people.” According to a report commissioned byContinue Reading

Swiss meteorologist Jörg Kachelmann calls it “the dumbest energy and environmental policy ever”. Now, finally, after years of being warned, Germany’s mainstream media are finally showing signs of waking up to it. Germany’s flagship ARD public broadcasting recently presented a report earlier today about how “CO2 neutral” wood burning isContinue Reading

The Norwegian parliament suffered a cyber attack during the past week and the e-mail accounts of several elected members as well as employees were hacked, the national assembly and a counter-intelligence agency said on Tuesday. “This has been a significant attack,” said Marianne Andreassen, the parliament’s non-elected chief administrator. AContinue Reading

Lithuania’s Deputy Health Minister Lina Jaruseviciene recently named a suspect in an investigation being carried out by the country’s Finance Crime Investigation Service handed in her resignation letter on Monday, the health minister’s spokeswoman Lina Businskaite said. In her words, Health Minister Aurelijus Veryga plans to satisfy her request onContinue Reading