Corona infection is increasing faster in Norway than in Sweden

For the first time since April, corona infection in Norway is higher than in Sweden if measured per capita. In the last week, Norway has had two major outbreaks.

Per 100,000 people, 1.4 new corona cases have been registered in the last seven days, compared with 1.1 in Sweden, writes NRK. It is the first time since 1 April that more infections have been registered per capita in Norway than in Sweden.

From Monday to Friday last week, 454 new cases of infection were registered in Norway. In the same time period, 564 new cases of infection were registered in Sweden, according to NRK’s overview.

The outbreaks in Bergen and in Østfold, in addition to increased testing, are among the causes, according to assistant health director Espen Nakstad.

“If one disregards the two outbreaks, the numbers in Norway are very low and stably low. But the fact that we find these cases of infection in those outbreaks is very important. And even if the numbers are a little higher, we should be happy that we find them,” says Nakstad.

Sweden still has a higher disease burden than Norway, and the number of dead and hospitalized is also higher.

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