Denmark, Ukraine Expand Energy Cooperation

Denmark has signed a 5-year agreement with Ukraine to help the war-torn country rebuild destroyed wind capacity and strengthen its independence from Russia on energy, the Danish Climate Ministry said on Tuesday. 

“The new 5-year collaboration will contribute to Ukraine being able to further expand its electricity supply with wind energy,” it said in a statement, adding that the countries’ cooperation on energy dates back to 2014. “Danish authorities will, among other things, help Ukrainian authorities develop a regulatory framework that can promote onshore and offshore wind,” it said.

 In the short term, the deal aims to help get existing capacity destroyed in the war back up and running, and to expand onshore wind further. 

Long-term, the collaboration will investigate the potential for offshore wind power, the ministry said. 

“We are now even more committed to ensuring Ukraine can access electricity and get the opportunity for a green rethink of its energy infrastructure,” Climate Minister Lars Aagaard said in the statement. 

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