Estonia awards 1,016 mission medals to NATO troops

More than 1,000 troops from the UK, U.S., and France were given medals for serving with NATO forces in Estonia on Wednesday.

Mission medals were presented to: the 1st Battalion of the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers from the United Kingdom, the 1st Infantry Regiment (1er régiment d’infanterie) participating in Mission Lynx from France, and the U.S. Task Force Võit.

The ceremony took place at Tapa Army Base to mark the end of their deployments.

Undersecretary for Defence Policy Tuuli Duneton, who presented the medals on behalf of the Ministry of Defense, said their service to Estonia and NATO had been “outstanding”.

French, British, and American NATO troops were awarded mission medals on February 21, 2024. Source: Estonian Defense Forces

“You have fulfilled an invaluable mission – to deter any aggression and to stand ready to defend the Alliance’s territory from the very first inch,” she said.

The undersecretary also stressed the importance of transatlantic cooperation.

“As we navigate these challenging times for global security, it is crucial to acknowledge the importance of transatlantic cooperation. The ties that bind North America and Europe are the foundation of our strength, as demonstrated by your presence here in Tapa,” Duneton said.

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