Estonia’s Prime minister formally announces resignation of outgoing coalition

Prime Minister Kaja Kallas (Reform) used the opening session of the XV Riigikogu to announce the resignation of the outgoing Reform-Isamaa-SDE coalition.

Kallas will stay on as prime minister, as will two of the three parties (her party and SDE) who made up the outgoing administration.

The announcement is one of several formalities needed before the new coalition can take up office, while the Riigikogu session was attended by various invited official guests.

Government ministers do not sit at the Riigikogu, but regularly appear there to answer questions and, in this case, to engage in formal announcements and ceremonies.

The outgoing coalition took office on July 18, 2022, and thus was in office for 267 days.

A total of 109 separate tasks were fulfilled between August 2022 and April 6 this year, the government’s website reports.

Of these 109 tasks, 88 were completed.

By minister, the Minister of Economic Affairs and Communications fulfilled the largest number of the above tasks (19, or 22 percent), followed by the Minister of Culture and the  Minister of the Interior (10 each).

The ministers of education, the interior, social protection, health and labor, and foreign affairs, all fulfilled those tasks set out for the at governmental level, during the time in office.

Under the terms of the Constitution, a government resigns when a new composition of the Riigikogu meets, as happened Monday, though there is no period without government – it would act where needed for any duties until the incoming coalition takes office, which is due this week.

The Reform-Eesti 200-SDE coalition-in-waiting must still pass a vote at the 101-seat Riigikogu, but with 60 seats between the three parties, this is seen as a formality.

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