Finland faces more hybrid influencing and energy supply threats, ministry’s risk assessment finds

Finland is facing a changed foreign and security policy environment, especially since Russia’s operation in Ukraine, the Interior Ministry’s latest national risk assessment report has outlined.

The report, published on Tuesday, is the first national risk assessment since 2018 and the authors noted the extent to which the threats Finland faces have changed.

“Examples of such risks include information influence activities, the use of military force, disruptions in energy supply, and threats related to health security,” the ministry’s report said, listing a total of 21 potential threats.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, which began nearly a year ago, was cited as being of particular relevance to Finland’s national security, as it demonstrated Russia’s willingness to use military force against its neighbours.

Although the report emphasised that Finland is not currently facing a military threat, Finnish authorities and citizens should be prepared for such a possibility.

“The more we are aware of the different risks, the interdependencies of different functions, and the possibility of repeated disruptions, the better we can prepare for them,” according to Jussi Korhonen, Finland’s Director of Civil Emergency Preparedness.

The country could also face attempts to disrupt, paralyse or destroy societal functions, the report added, with potential targets including management systems and communications networks.

“Climate change, the digitalisation of societies, hybrid influence activities and networked value and production chains are further examples of development trends and phenomena in the operating environment of threats and disruptions,” the report added.

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