Hungary shows the way – bans gay adoptions

In Hungary, not everything works out. While Sweden has chosen a path that is to obey the LGBTQ lobby, Hungary says no and takes responsibility.

A change in the law in Hungary makes it impossible for homosexuals to adopt children. In order to be able to implement the amendment, the concept of “family” was also redefined in the constitution. Now it states that “the mother is a woman, the father is a man”.

Parliament voted in favor

On Tuesday, the Hungarian parliament voted in favor of a law clarifying that only married couples have the right to adopt children. Gay couples do not have the right to marry in the country, but in the past they have nevertheless been able to adopt by applying as an individual. Now there is a stop on that front as well.

– The main rule is that only married couples can adopt a child, is a man and a woman who are married. This is what Hungary’s Minister of Justice Judit Varga says in a statement.

However, some exceptions are allowed. For example, single relatives of a child may adopt the child.

What is a family clearly defined

Hungary has also updated its constitution to mark against the LGBTQ lobby and ensure that the nation’s children are protected. This is now stated in the constitution:

 Hungary protects the institution of marriage as the union between a man and a woman and the family as the basis for the nation’s survival. The basis of the family is the marriage and the parent-child relationship. The mother is a woman, the father a man ”.

It also clarifies “children’s right to identify with their birth gender…”.

Once again, Hungary is showing courage and paving the way for others to follow. They put the child in focus and their side.

Protection for families and children

While LGBTQ lobbyists and so-called “human rights organizations” are upset and criticize the changes, everyone who has the best interests of the children in mind applauds. Once again, Hungary is showing courage and paving the way for others to follow.

Homosexuals are not banned, but they make sure that what is best for children is in focus and thus take their side. State Secretary Zoltán Kovács writes about About Hungary:

“Hungary’s constitution now protects families and children in a unique way, even in Europe. The amendment adopted today by the National Assembly provides all children with an education and upbringing which is based on the values ​​of Hungarian culture and which guarantees an undisturbed development of the child, in accordance with his or her gender at birth. “

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