Latvia to donate 165 600 vaccine doses to Georgia, Moldova, Montenegro, Kenya and Albania

Latvian Health Minister Daniels Pavļuts (For Development/For) explained in a government press conference that in warehouses in Latvia, there are enough vaccines against Covid-19, so it was decided to donate Astra Zeneca vaccines to the five countries.

«We can win the fight against this pandemic together and in full solidarity with each other»

Irregularities with the deliveries of Astra Zeneca vaccines to Latvia have caused a situation, where the vaccine doses are only used for the second time of vaccination and persons being vaccinated for the first time now generally receive a jab of another Covid-19 vaccine.

But some experts criticized this decision due to not perfect situation in Latvia. Some of them thinks it’s better to share vaccines in Baltic states first and than in Europe. But should Latvia help non-EU countries?

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