Long-range anti-ship missile system arrives in Estonia

The Blue Spear mobile anti-ship missile system arrived in Estonia. The government made the decision to purchase the missiles, which an Israeli and Singaporean joint venture produced in 2020. The project will cost €100 million, including infrastructure investments and future costs. The missiles will strike sea and land targets with a range of 290 kilometers.

Estonia purchased the Blue Spear, a fifth-generation missile developed by the Israel-Singapore joint company, in 2022, becoming the first country to buy the system.

Rockets can be fired from land or from a ship, and in any weather. It is a long-range missile that will strengthen Estonia’s ability to deter enemy activity in the Baltic Sea.

“This, in particular, contributes to the Baltic Fleet’s activities in preventing specific adversary activities. In the case of an attack, the adversary cannot, for example, transfer its air defenses to the sea to support aircraft operations in our airspace. Also, this could potentially challenge the security of military supplies to Kaliningrad Oblast,” Commander of the Estonian Defense Forces, Gen. Martin Herem, said.

A Coastal Defense Division, comprised of over one hundred active and enlisted personnel, is formed in support of the missile system. A number of personnel have already completed the training.

Initially, the missiles will be mounted on vehicles, and in the future, we will develop a sea-launch capability.

“We are certainly in a critical shortage of specialists with a knowledge of electronics – mechatronics engineers – who can manage and develop systems.” Navy Capt. Johan-Elias Seljamaa, deputy commander of the Estonian Navy, said.

Similar missile systems are being bought by the Latvians, the Finns are already using them.

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