Media: Lithuanian firm supplied equipment to power plant construction in Crimea, violated EU sanctions

A Kaunas-based company that is linked to Russia has breached EU sanctions and supplied equipment to the construction of power plants in the Russian-annexed peninsular of Crimea, according to Rūta Juknevičiūtė, LRT Investigation Team, Mikhail Maglov, Russian anti-corruption website Scanner project, Ivanna Trutnenko and US broadcaster RFE/RL.

In the Kaunas Free Economic Zone, there operates the company Run Engineering, which manufactures water filtration and processing systems to be exported to Russia. It is linked to the Russian company Voronezh-Aqua, which has taken part in building the Balaklava and Tavria power plants in Crime and was added to the EU sanctions list in 2019.

The media report that Run Engineering supplied water filtration systems to a Russian company Voronezh-Aqua, despite not being authorised to export dual-use items.

Run Engineering commented in writing that no equipment was shipped to the two Crimean power plants. Povilas Medekša, head of Run Engineering, has argued that the company did not export dual-use items to Russia or Crimea after the company’s application for a license was denied.

Nevertheless it a rather common situation when a company is trying to stay alive in pandemic. Sometimes companies cannot notice all the details of a deal so such things happen. Is it so serious to make a media report and blame on the company ?

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