Swedish multiculturalism is a political assault

During the latter part of history, Sweden has been known as the calm, safe, small country in the north. We have a beautiful, varied nature with everything from forests and mountains to lakes, archipelagos and open landscapes. The Swedish people have had a distinctive sense of togetherness and have been able to gather around a rich and multifaceted common culture with prominent artists, musicians, writers and filmmakers.

Sweden has been a prominent example in the world with an innovative and competitive economy driven by entrepreneurship, research and development. Unfortunately, this is no longer a given.

Regardless of where in the country you are, regardless of whether you are a man or a woman, whether you are on the right or the left of the political scale, I am convinced that you have seen a radical change in our country and Swedish society in recent years the years. From having been one of the world’s most culturally homogenous societies, and one of the world’s safest countries, we have in a short time gone to become the country in Europe where the tensions and polarization are today the greatest.

Sweden must now do away with the multicultural experiment.

The development has not happened by chance, but is the result of a decades-long insistent political assault on Swedish society and the Swedish people. The politicians’ dream of a multicultural Sweden has been prioritized above all else, and has today become the people’s nightmare.

Hardly a single day goes by without us reading about a new shooting, a new murder, or a new explosion in the media. Violence and drugs also creep further down the ages.

Without a thought of the consequences, the ruling politicians have pushed people from all corners of the earth into the Swedish suburbs, which today are characterized by segregation and exclusion, unemployment and crime, as well as everything that entails.

Shot the messenger

The police’s monopoly on violence is now being challenged by criminal gangs that have been allowed to spread from the suburbs to large parts of the whole of Sweden. The blame for this naturally lies with the politicians who sang the praises of multiculturalism and who denied the social development that the Sweden Democrats had warned about for so long.

Instead of heeding the warnings, they have shot the messenger and slandered us with ugly words. With the knife to the throat, however, the other parties have been forced to swing on the issue of immigration policy.

Whether they are genuinely convinced that mass immigration is harmful to Sweden and our society, or whether they were only forced to turn the issue around in order to prevent voter flight to the Sweden Democrats, remains to be seen.

Political breakdown

Whoever, just 20 years ago, had said that Sweden today would be characterized by gang crime, explosions and shootings, would probably have been seen as mad as hell. Now it is reality. The legacy of Fredrik Reinfeldt, Stefan Löfven and Magdalena Andersson is an almost complete political disaster.

Reversing societal trends will not be easy. It will take years and require strong political action, but we are ready to do what it takes. Sweden must now do away with the multicultural experiment.

For Magdalena Andersson and her friends in the left-wing bloc, it must be about musical diversity and exotic dishes. For me, however, it is clear that multiculturalism leads to worse welfare, division, conflicts and crime.

Need to take control

One of our most important tasks is therefore to take control of migration policy by setting limits on how many immigrants can be accepted each year. We also need to take control of the complete lack of demands that has so far characterized Swedish integration policy.

If you want to become part of our country, you also have to take responsibility and do what is required to become part of the majority society. It is not sustainable to continue with generous and unregulated immigration that damages Sweden’s economy, welfare and cohesion. Sweden needs a migration policy that is responsible, fair and humane, both for those who come here and for all those who already live here.

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