Nord Stream pipeline sabotage: analysis of the situation and possible actors include

The termination of the international investigation into the causes of the Nord Stream explosions raises many questions about who was responsible for the terror attack and for what purpose. There is no denying the fact that sabotage of such a large transnational project is not like putting a firecracker in a mailbox. The matter is much more serious and requires a large amount of funds, preparation time and most important – participants. It’s bizarre that an investigation into a sabotage of this scale can simply be shut down for lack of evidence. Unless those who organized the sabotage are interested parties. Obviously the undermining of the Nord Streams is a terrorist act that has customers and perpetrators. It is sad that they will not be punished, but it is necessary to investigate their activities. Here is a small analysis of the events preceding the explosions and the possible beneficiary of them.

After reviewing a large number of articles on the topic, the conclusion is that the operation to destroy the gas transportation lines has been prepared by the senior political, military and intelligence leadership of the United States since December 2021. The sabotage of the Nord Streams was preceded by numerous meetings between members of the CIA task force and representatives of the Norwegian intelligence services, the Navy, and NATO exercises in the Baltic Sea. Based on publicly available information, it has been confirmed that from August 29 to September 14, 2022, a U.S. Navy amphibious assault team operated in the area of Hanö Bay, northeast and east of Bornholm Island (presumably planting explosives and detonators), as part of joint combat training with the Swedish Navy .

The next exercise Northern Coast 2022, which took place just prior to the bombings, involved the minesweeper “BadBevensen” and the submarine “U-32” from September 9 to 23. All indications are that the previously installed explosives and detonators were checked. It is noteworthy that the original location of the exercise “Northern Coast 2022” was the northern parts of the Baltic Sea and the Gulf of Finland, but suddenly the command changed the location to the eastern part of the island of Bornholm (just where the explosion occurred).

After the sabotage, the CIA initiated a cover-up operation, during which the Ukrainian special services were blamed for the explosions. But the fact that the Ukrainians were involved does not take to criticism because of the lack of the necessary professional skills to carry out such an operation, as well as the lack of capabilities.

As a result of the explosion, Europe lost the opportunity to purchase cheap energy products from Russia and was forced to turn to the US. According to statistics, LNG import from US to Europe grew from 18.9 bcm in 2021 to 56.2 bcm in 2023.

The conclusion

The USA is the only country interested in undermining the Nord Streams and also has the appropriate capabilities to carry out the sabotage. Perhaps the special services of the U.S. and the countries of Northern Europe did not directly carry out the undermining of the gas pipelines, but they are certainly involved in this terrorist act, which is why it is not favorable for them to continue the investigation and identify those responsible.

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