A nurse prepares a syringe with vaccine against Covid-19

Norway May Refine Vaccine Strategy After Elderly Deaths

Norway may fine-tune the vaccination of its oldest, sickest citizens as it tries to make sense of a recent spate of deaths.

Having weathered the pandemic better than most, Norway suddenly made international headlines this month after revealing that more than 30 people — all over 70 and all already sick — died not long after being vaccinated against Covid-19.
The Norwegian Institute of Public Health, which has identified people over 65 as a group to be prioritized in the vaccine rollout, has urged doctors to inoculate the elderly and sick on a case-by-case basis.

The Norwegian Medicines Agency said its reporting on adverse reactions caused unnecessary concern around the world, and will now only publish data on deaths that have been autopsied. The agency says its information on the side-effects of Covid-19 vaccines will be included in international studies.

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