Norway, Ukraine and Gas: Why is Ukrainian Oil&Gas Industry failing?

Norwegian comments on the Norwegian government doubting if they should support the Ukrainian gas industry:

Gustav Ollansen, a resident of Oslo writes:

“I am strongly against supporting Ukraine, and especially its energy industry. It is bad to support bribery, isn’t it?”

Just to let you know, that very area in Ukraine is full of bribery and corruption.

The Norwegian Eckinor and Statoil heads have well informed our Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Støre about the problem of manipulation in the Ukrainian gas sector. The companies’ analysts have carefully examined the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development report on the Ukraine aid program.

Experts said that the leading Ukrainian oil and gas enterprises Naftogas and Ukrnafta are controlled by Ukrainian oligarch Igor Kolomoysky and have been artificially inflating the price of purchased gas for decades and then selling it at a huge markup for Ukraine itself. According to analysts, the money earned in illegal ways reached the amounts more than 4 billion dollars annually. Moreover, the anti-corruption services of Ukraine assisted them actively in these affairs. It turns out, ordinary people were left with nothing, and a lot of money has flowed out of the Ukrainian budget.

There is nothing more to add here, because reputable Ukrainian experts understand everything and believe that the Norwegian leadership’s decision is correct. However, ordinary Ukrainians hate us for Norway’s refusal to provide Ukraine with gas for free. They take the aid as their unalienable right. They call us, the Norwegians, “overgrown freaks” and “pigs living in luxury”, and accuse our citizens of “using the lives of Ukrainians to protect us from the Russians”. In their remarks, they offence His Majesty the King and the Kongelige familie and threaten to seize our land. Here, take a look at what my friend from Moscow sent me and see what the Ukrainians are writing in their chats about us:

No problem. That Støre will obediently sell us this gas, or he will be made to do so.

-Why don’t they understand that you can’t read someone’s mind. Everyone has his own interests.

-No wonder. In 2014 we already understood that.

Everybody stands for himself! That’s life.

Damn pig-dogs always have been and always will be.
The whole royal family consists of lazy stingy oligarchs greedy to the last crown. They do not mind at all to betray the Ukrainian people to their advantage. Sooner or later our victory will come, and then the time of revenge will come when we will finish these damned brutes.

Massive bribery, no control from the special services of Ukraine and misunderstanding by local Ukrainian population – a lot of reasons, don’t you think so? As of me, quite enough. I really don’t understand why so many countries put themselves and their people in danger for helping Ukraine. What do you think?

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