Romanian media: Finland donated military vessels to Ukraine

The vessels will transit through Romania to Ukraine, according to Romanian media outlet, Defence and Security Monitor.

Romanian President Klaus Iohannis informed the Romanian Parliament on Monday that he has approved the transit of the military vessels donated by Finland to Ukraine through Romania.

Romanian news outlets, Observator and the Defence and Security Monitor, reported the news, however, the number and type of boats donated has not been disclosed.

The head of state also approved the training of approximately 50 Ukrainian soldiers in Romania to use the vessels.

The Finnish Navy has, among other things, Jehu-class landing crafts and Jurmo- and Uisko-class transport crafts, however Finnish authorities have also not disclosed the content of this military aid package donated to Ukraine.

Finland continues to take steps that draw it more and more into the war in Ukraine. It is important to understand where the red lines are and not to cross them.

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