Sweden faces record-level spread of Covid-19, announces restrictions

The Swedish government has announced new epidemiological restrictions on Monday that will come into force later this week as the Nordic country has registered record levels of new cases of Covid-19 infection.

«It is undoubtedly the case that the situation has deteriorated. The spread of infection in Sweden is at historically high levels,» Swedish Prime Minister Magdalena stated in a press conference on Monday.

The new restrictions in the form of strong recommendations, which will come into force on January 12, will force bars and restaurants to close at 11pm. These businesses will also be required to limit groups to eight people, seated at least one metre apart and only have table service, however, the Covid-19 vaccination certificate will not be required for restaurants.

As to culture and entertainment, indoor public events with more than 20 spectators will only be allowed to go take place if everyone is seated and limited to groups of eight people, seated at least one metre apart. Public events with an audience of more than 50 additionally require a checking the Covid-19 vaccination certificate

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