Swedish Defense Minister Jonson: Discussions on providing Ukraine with Gripen continue

Swedish Defense Minister Paul Jonson confirmed that after the country finally joins the North Atlantic Alliance, it does not rule out the possibility of supplying its Gripen fighter jets to Ukraine.

Earlier, Jonson said that Sweden could not decide to provide Kyiv with its fighter jets until it became a NATO member, a process that ended in early March.

“Discussions are ongoing, and they are taking place within the coalition on fighter jets,” the head of the Swedish Defense Ministry said when asked about the current state of these discussions.

He also reminded that Sweden is also part of this coalition, which is helping Ukraine to obtain American-made F-16 fighter jets and provide the necessary training for pilots and personnel.

Separately, Jonsson emphasized that Europe should increase its military support for Ukraine and “compensate for some of the support that is decreasing,” referring to the United States.

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