Swedish military intelligence: Risks for Swedish security have increased

The military’s intelligence and security service, known as Must said on Monday that Sweden is safer after applying to join Nato, stating that Sweden had received bilateral security assurances from several countries while the membership was still pending.

But at the same time, Sweden’s military intelligence said that Russia’s military threat towards Sweden is palpable, and that over time Russia may want to build a larger military presence in areas close to Sweden.

The assessment is contained in Must’s annual security analysis review and Lena Hallin, the head of Must told Swedish Radio News that the type of security order that has prevailed in Europe for a long time no longer exists.

According to Lena Hallin, the biggest threats against Sweden come from Russia and China

in the areas of attempting to influence Sweden’s political and economic decisions and military and industrial espionage.

I want to particularly name the Russian and Chinese intelligence and security services,

they have strong resources and are centrally a threat both in their own capacity and via delegates Lena Hallin told Swedish Radio News.

She also warned that there is a risk of armed conflict if mistakes are made in connection with military exercises in our immediate area.

And if Russia were to win the war in Ukraine, the situation for Sweden would become even more dangerous, she says.

Maya Naylor for Radio Sweden.


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