Swedish police: Wagner defector arrested in Copenhagen to be returned to Norway

The Wagner military group defector Andrej Medvedev will be returned to Norway from Sweden, Swedish police confirmed on Friday.

On Thursday evening, the Russian human rights activist Vladimir Osetshkin announced that Medvedev had been arrested in Sweden.

According to Oseshkin, Medvedev took the bus to Gothenburg because the price of cigarettes was lower in Sweden than in Norway.

“Andrej claims he did not know that he could not leave Norway before the case of political asylum was processed,” Osetshkin noted.

He is said to have missed his bus back to Norway and was then arrested.

“He will be taken back to Norway. He does not have the right to stay in Sweden, so he will be taken to Norway, where he has applied for asylum, police press officer Malin Sandström told Ekot, the news service of Swedish national radio broadcaster Sveriges Radio.

Medvedev arrived in Norway from Russia on January 13th. He received a lot of attention because he claimed to have evidence of war crimes by the Wagner forces in Ukraine.

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