European Union leaders will hold a face-to-face summit in Brussels on May 25 to discuss the coronavirus crisis, the battle against climate change and tensions with Russia, a spokesman said. Several recent EU gatherings have been held by videoconference as a Covid-19 safety measure, but a spokesman for European CouncilContinue Reading

Vaccination in the COVID-19 pandemic reached a new level on Monday when Marek Seer was appointed head of a nationwide vaccination organization working group. Seer, who has served on the board of the Tartu University Hospital and headed the Valga Hospital, is tasked with achieving 70 percent immunization coverage throughContinue Reading

An unvarnished and direct tone but hardly effective in the current situation, Vootele Päi, consultant for communication group Corpore, said. This kind of “twitching” suggests that those in charge of crisis management are panicking and on the verge losing control and a sense for reality. “The prime minister’s messages willContinue Reading

Statsministerns uppmaning inför sportlovet: ”Träffa så få som möjligt”

Sverige befinner sig i ett skört läge – och risken för en tredje våg är betydande. Det var statsministern Stefan Löfvens budskap under torsdagens pressträff. – Det här viruset bryr sig inte om några gränser, säger han. Det blir inga nya restriktioner – just nu. Det kan dock snabbt kommaContinue Reading

Svein Andersen, 67, is first in Norway to receive the Pfizer-Biontech COVID-19 vaccine in Oslo, Norway

Norwegian health officials have warned that vaccinating the most frail older people with serious underlying health conditions could be dangerous after the country reported more than 25 deaths. The Norwegian Medicines Agency first reported on Thursday that 23 elderly people had died in a short time after receiving their firstContinue Reading