Lithuania would back softening of self-isolation requirements for incoming people by increasing the rate threshold that makes self-isolation mandatory, Lithuanian Prime Minister Saulius Skvernelis says, adding that a common position of the EU or at least the Baltic states is needed for that. “Speaking of countries that are subjected toContinue Reading

Viimeisimmän vuorokauden aikana Suomessa on todettu THL:n tuoreiden tietojen mukaan 93 uutta koronatartuntaa ja yksi uusi kuolemantapaus. Yhteensä koronakuolemia on todettu Suomessa 337. Tiistaina THL kertoi koronatartuntoja todetun 8 337. Kahden viime viikon aikana on raportoitu 428 tartuntaa, kun kahden edellisen viikon määrä oli 360. Kasvua oli siis 68 tapausta. ViimeisimmänContinue Reading

Norwegian producers saw a hefty drop in exports during August, attributed to weaker demand, among other causes. ‘The reason for lower demand is complex, but holiday season in Europe and reduced restaurant consumption is certainly part of the explanation,’ said Tom-Jørgen Gangsø, Director of Market Insight and Market Access withContinue Reading