The Center for Defense Investment (RKK) has announced a €693-million long-term military vehicles and plant procurement, the largest military procurement made by Estonia to date. The vehicles will be mostly logistical in nature, including cranes, loaders and aircraft loaders. Toomas Kalda, RKK sector manager, said Monday that: “This procurement willContinue Reading

NATO must discuss European security issues with all allies, Estonian President Alar Karis said following a phone call with United States President Joe Biden and other heads of state of NATO’s Eastern European members on Thursday. “Estonia’s position is clear — NATO discusses the security issues of Europe, including thoseContinue Reading

Military alliance NATO’s Secretary General, Jens Stoltenberg, began a two-day official visit to Finland on Monday along with the North Atlantic Council, which consists of NATO ambassadors. The occasion marks the first time that members of the North Atlantic Council, NATO’s principal political decision-making body, have visited Finland in anContinue Reading

Once the Taliban seized control of Afghanistan’s airfield in Kandahar on Friday, it didn’t take long for photos to appear on social media showing Taliban fighters posing with military helicopters such as U.S.-made Black Hawks and Soviet-made Mi-17s. After the group took over Mazar-i-Sharif airport this weekend, more photos followed,Continue Reading

The Ministry of Defense has decided to cut costs in its administrative area over the next four years and will be laying off 270 people. Even though investments will not be cut directly, development of the armed forces will be impacted nonetheless. The Ministry of Defense that finds itself underContinue Reading