Sweden is planning a“massive” expansion of new nuclear power, the government said. By 2045, it wants the country to have the equivalent of 10 new reactors, two of which will already be operational by 2035. This would mean“a historic restructuring of Sweden’s energy policy,” Minister for Energy, Business and IndustryContinue Reading

Petteri Taalas, Secretary-General of the World Meteorological Organisation, warns that Finland’s target of reaching carbon neutrality by 2035 may be slipping out of reach due to the declining ability of the nation’s forests to soak up carbon from the air. The former head of the Finnish Meteorological Institute was interviewedContinue Reading

Finland intends to vote against the EU’s Climate Delegated Act over concerns about the criteria outlined in the proposal for forest management. The Act is part of the EU’s classification system, also known as the EU taxonomy, which establishes a list of environmentally sustainable economic activities. Parliament’s Ministerial Committee onContinue Reading

Center Party MP and Riigikogu finance committee chair Erki Savisaar would not answer directly the question on whether rumors he would replace Tõnis Mölder (Center) as environment minister during his appearance on ETV morning show ‘Terevisioon’. Mölder’s resignation, no reason given, was announced Tuesday evening and he is set toContinue Reading