Finns Party vice-chair and Member of Parliament Riikka Purra has announced her intention to run for leadership of the party. “I feel a strong and deep sense of duty and if so many Finns Party members are willing to trust me, I will put forward my candidacy,” Purra said ofContinue Reading

Opposition parties allied with the Greens and Farmers Union (ZZS), and Latvia’s Regional Alliance (LRA) did the best out of municipal elections held across most of Latvia June 5, though provisional results show no single party really dominated the poll. According to early results from the Central Elections Commission (CVK),Continue Reading

The importance of traditional election posters in Finnish elections has not diminished, despite this year’s municipal vote being dubbed the “social media election”. Many candidates still believe in the power of putting up posters and signboards of themselves, and political parties have invested more heavily in the medium this timeContinue Reading