Europe’s energy security hinges on Norway and its transition from fossil fuels to renewable sources. That has big geopolitical implications for Ukraine and NATO. On GZERO World, Ian Bremmer delves into Europe’s urgent quest for energy independence and the broader geopolitical shifts that could redefine the continent’s future. With theContinue Reading

Tensions mount in Oslo as long-simmering conflict over EU energy rules comes to the fore. Norway’s government risks crisis over a contentious package of EU energy bills. The center-left Agrarian Party has previously threatened to quit the administration in Oslo if the EU’s Clean Energy for All Europeans Package isContinue Reading

Said to be breakthrough sustainable innovation for the mining industry’s transition to low-carbon production, the very first battery-powered MT42 truck was presented this week. LKAB, Europe’s largest iron-ore producer, is ready to put the vehicle into operations hundreds of meters under the surface at its mine inside the Arctic Circle.Continue Reading