Sunday marked polling day of the 2021 local government council elections in Estonia. Preliminary results put voter turnout at 54.7 percent, with record 275,587 votes cast electronically between Monday and Saturday. People supported election coalitions in most of Estonia’s 79 local governments, with Center proving the most successful political partyContinue Reading

Estonia has the lowest property takes in the European Union, a short report by the Riigikogu Foresight Center reveals. Hiking property tax rates to the European average would yield over €500 million for the state budget in Estonia. “The Estonian tax system is largely based on labor and consumption taxes,Continue Reading

Support for the current Reform/Center coalition has fallen since the beginning of the year, when the pairing entered office, according to a recent survey. Around half of respondents expressed criticism both of the government’s performance, and of that of Prime Minister Kaja Kallas (Reform). The survey, conducted by pollsters NorstatContinue Reading