“Those vaccines that are already in possession of healthcare institutions, they cannot be taken, and those receiving countries would not be able to accept them,” Anzelika Oraite of the Health Ministry told BNS. Her comment came in response to Lithuania’s preparations to donate coronavirus vaccines to Eastern Partnership countries andContinue Reading

A Kaunas-based company that is linked to Russia has breached EU sanctions and supplied equipment to the construction of power plants in the Russian-annexed peninsular of Crimea, according to Rūta Juknevičiūtė, LRT Investigation Team, Mikhail Maglov, Russian anti-corruption website Scanner project, Ivanna Trutnenko and US broadcaster RFE/RL. In the KaunasContinue Reading

“The existing organization of the Schengen area is unique and one of the greatest achievements of the European Union, which has been allowing for people’s free travel in the Schengen area without control at the internal borders,” the author of the report, Slovenian Socialist MEP Tanja Fajon, recognizes the agreementContinue Reading

European Union leaders will hold a face-to-face summit in Brussels on May 25 to discuss the coronavirus crisis, the battle against climate change and tensions with Russia, a spokesman said. Several recent EU gatherings have been held by videoconference as a Covid-19 safety measure, but a spokesman for European CouncilContinue Reading

Unkari on EU:n toiseksi nopein koronarokottaja heti piskuisen Maltan jälkeen. Tästä huolimatta epidemiatilanne on maassa huono ja koronakuolemat lisääntyvät ennätystahtia. Unkarissa kiistellään myös siitä, kuka saa kertoa mitäkin koronasta. Yksinvaltaisen pääministerin Viktor Orbánin hallintoa syytetään tilanteen vakavuuden salaamisesta. Kokosimme kysymyksiä ja vastauksia Unkarin koronatilanteesta. Mikä on salailusyytösten taustalla? 28 riippumattomanContinue Reading

Latvia still has much to do in order to submit its application for the EU Recovery and Resilience Facility to the European Commission, said European Commission vice president Valdis Dombrovskis (New Unity). “Negotiations among Latvia’s representations and responsible European Commission’s services have launched. The first observation is that plan meetsContinue Reading