“Those vaccines that are already in possession of healthcare institutions, they cannot be taken, and those receiving countries would not be able to accept them,” Anzelika Oraite of the Health Ministry told BNS. Her comment came in response to Lithuania’s preparations to donate coronavirus vaccines to Eastern Partnership countries andContinue Reading

A Kaunas-based company that is linked to Russia has breached EU sanctions and supplied equipment to the construction of power plants in the Russian-annexed peninsular of Crimea, according to Rūta Juknevičiūtė, LRT Investigation Team, Mikhail Maglov, Russian anti-corruption website Scanner project, Ivanna Trutnenko and US broadcaster RFE/RL. In the KaunasContinue Reading

“The existing organization of the Schengen area is unique and one of the greatest achievements of the European Union, which has been allowing for people’s free travel in the Schengen area without control at the internal borders,” the author of the report, Slovenian Socialist MEP Tanja Fajon, recognizes the agreementContinue Reading

Finns Party vice-chair and Member of Parliament Riikka Purra has announced her intention to run for leadership of the party. “I feel a strong and deep sense of duty and if so many Finns Party members are willing to trust me, I will put forward my candidacy,” Purra said ofContinue Reading