The Finnish press has recently drawn attention to past social media posts made by Interior Minister Mari Rantanen (Finns). Finland’s new Interior Minister Mari Rantanen (Finns) took to social media on Sunday to deny believing in the Great Replacement or any other conspiracy theories. Rantanen’s statement arrived shortly after herContinue Reading

Government formation talks between the National Coalition Party, the Finns Party, the Swedish People’s Party and the Christian Democrats entered their fourth week on Tuesday, with the focus now turning to the potentially divisive topics of immigration and climate policy. If the four parties cannot find a consensus on theseContinue Reading

An independent monitoring group urges Finland to exercise caution in regard to NATO nuclear weapons exercises, reports the Finnish news agency (STT). A fresh report recommends that Finland maintains its prohibitions on the importation, manufacturing, possession and detonation of nuclear explosives. The Nuclear Weapons Monitoring Group (Finland), whose members includeContinue Reading

The number of new gonorrhea cases in Finland almost doubled in 2022 compared to the previous year. While infections have become more common among young women, the majority of all gonorrhea infections are still diagnosed in men aged 25 to 35, according to the Finnish institute for health and welfareContinue Reading

Viron asevoimien komentaja, kenraali Martin Herem tekee työvierailun Suomeen 11. huhtikuuta. Vierailua isännöi Puolustusvoimain komentaja, kenraali Timo Kivinen. Vierailun aikana keskustellaan muun muassa Suomen ja Viron välisestä puolustusyhteistyöstä, ja Suomen Nato-jäsenyyden sotilaallisen yhteensovittamisen etenemisestä. Vierailuohjelmaan sisältyy tutustuminen Merivoimien toimintaan Rannikkoprikaatissa. Vierailunsa aikana kenraali Herem tapaa myös puolustusministeri Antti Kaikkosen.Continue Reading

Some 10,000 troops from around the world serve in UNIFIL. No Finnish UNIFIL (United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon) peacekeepers have been harmed following Israeli strikes on Lebanon early on Friday, the Finnish Army Command told news agency STT. The Israeli military carried out air strikes on Lebanon and GazaContinue Reading