The central Bank of Lithuania has proposed anti-inflationary measures aimed at helping people most affected by rising price. Such measures include a proposed further increase in non-taxable income, state compensations for those who heat their homes with gas or electricity, and potential public transport subsidies. The central bank is suggestingContinue Reading

Natural gas supplies do not constitute a weak point for Lithuania but the country’s dependence on Russian electricity is a major problem, which is why it is necessary to synchronize the country’s electricity grids with those of the West as soon as possible, Lithuania’s European Commissioner Virginijus Sinkevicius has said.Continue Reading

German companies operating in Lithuania have assured the authorities that they will not pull out from the Lithuanian market despite China’s pressure, Asta Skaisgiryte, the president’s chief foreign policy advisor, said on Thursday. The advisor said the businesses had given such assurances before Gitanas Nauseda’s visit to Germany on Thursday.Continue Reading