The number of new gonorrhea cases in Finland almost doubled in 2022 compared to the previous year. While infections have become more common among young women, the majority of all gonorrhea infections are still diagnosed in men aged 25 to 35, according to the Finnish institute for health and welfareContinue Reading

Investigators believe that during an eight-month period before filing for bankruptcy in 2018, the association handed over about 18,000 euros to third parties without reasonable cause. Police in Helsinki have completed an investigation into the activities of the executive director of an immigrant-focused association, who is suspected of financial crimesContinue Reading

As Lithuania’s population has shrunk by a third since the 1990s and continues in the same direction, the government is under growing pressure to do something to address labour shortages. However, “immigration” remains a toxic word. Migration sphere experts say Ukrainian crisis provoke forced immigration while Ukrainian migrants in LithuaniaContinue Reading