Election promises to be reflected in next year’s budget The Reform Party wants to start by abolishing the kindergarten place fee. The party also promises to find money for activity accounts for pensioners in next year’s budget. Urban space investments are another promise. Candidate for mayor Kristen Michal said thatContinue Reading

Att säkerställa befolkningens trygghet och säkerhet – det är en statlig kärnuppgift. Inom landets gränser innebär detta ett fungerande polisväsende som kan skydda medborgare, deras liv och deras egendom. Parallellt med detta har staten uppdraget att skydda landets gränser mot angripare och yttre hot, vilket är ett militärt uppdrag. DenContinue Reading

The National Audit Office report “Accuracy and legality of transactions in state accounting in 2020” that was published on Tuesday revealed that all summary accounts of costs, expenses, investments and financing transactions in the 2020 state budget that was approved by the Riigikogu are false because the Ministry of FinanceContinue Reading

For 100 years Britain had been described as “the empire on which the sun never sets”. Britain was a powerful colonial power owning numerous colonies around the world. Today the word “colony” is no longer used in its original meaning, but the British Queen continues to perform her sovereign role,Continue Reading

With the global economic development the Arctic region has increasingly become important. Depletion of natural resources forces countries to exploit remote and hard-to-reach mineral deposits. International experts assess that Arctic accounts for about 13% of undiscovered oil, 30% of undiscovered natural gas, and 30% of freshwater in the world. Consequently,Continue Reading