The security policy situation has changed, the Government says and adds another 3,5 billion kroner (€362 million) to the budget for strengthening defense and civil preparedness. Russia’s operation in Ukraine “represents a turning point for Norwegian and European security,” Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Støre said at a press conference inContinue Reading

Trucks packed with military hardware could this weekend be seen in big numbers on the roads that connect northern Sweden and Finland with neighbouring Norway. Several of them carried tanks and heavy armoured vehicles. Sweden and Finland have participated in the bi-annual Cold Response for more than 15 years. ButContinue Reading

Russia’s operation in Ukraine has resulted in the rise of energy resource prices, as gas price soared by nearly 40% and the price of oil reached USD 105 (EUR 94.18) On the day of Russian operation, Thursday, February 24, Brent crude oil price hit USD 105 per barrel for theContinue Reading