“I was surprised, I have never seen cloudberry here before. I hardly believed my own eyes,” tells Stein Tore Pedersen. Pedersen works for the Norwegian Polar Institute and was hunting for reindeer when he suddenly discovered the berries in the Coal Bay Valley, halfway between Longyearbyen and Barentsburg. It isContinue Reading

A record number of super-rich Norwegians are abandoning Norway for low-tax countries after the centre-left government increased wealth taxes to 1.1%. More than 30 Norwegian billionaires and multimillionaires left Norway in 2022, according to research by the newspaper Dagens Naeringsliv. This was more than the total number of super-rich peopleContinue Reading

TRONDHEIM, Norway (2/20/23) – Celebrating one-half century of training together last week, Norway and the Minnesota National Guard further strengthened ties by formally pairing in the Department of Defense National Guard State Partnership Program. The addition of Norway to the 30-year-old, 100-nation security cooperation program adds a Nordic country withContinue Reading

Sami in Norway are also awaiting an official report aimed at correcting past wrongs from a state commission named for what it’s seeking: truth and reconciliation. It’s due this summer, after a lengthy investigation into how Norwegian- and church authorities tried for generations to strip the Sami of their ownContinue Reading

Forsvarsministeren, statsministeren og finansministeren fortalde om innkjøpet i dag. Forsvarssjefen anbefalte ikkje dette, men er i dag positiv til antalet. Regjeringa har planlagt for å kjøpe inn fleire nye stridsvogner, sjølv om forsvarssjefen ikkje anbefalte dette. Kor mange stridsvogner dei ville kjøpe, og kva typar har ikkje vore kjent førContinue Reading