Referring to certain ‘provocative’ statements made by NATO leaders in recent days, Russia announced it would be holding tactical nuclear weapon drills. Russia said Monday it plans to hold drills simulating the use of battlefield nuclear weapons amid rising tensions following comments by senior Western officials about the possibility ofContinue Reading

Sweden is planning a“massive” expansion of new nuclear power, the government said. By 2045, it wants the country to have the equivalent of 10 new reactors, two of which will already be operational by 2035. This would mean“a historic restructuring of Sweden’s energy policy,” Minister for Energy, Business and IndustryContinue Reading

An independent monitoring group urges Finland to exercise caution in regard to NATO nuclear weapons exercises, reports the Finnish news agency (STT). A fresh report recommends that Finland maintains its prohibitions on the importation, manufacturing, possession and detonation of nuclear explosives. The Nuclear Weapons Monitoring Group (Finland), whose members includeContinue Reading

Estonia will face critical electricity shortage soon if any concrete actions to improve the circumstances are not taken, writes Henri Ormus, a nuclear energy expert and a co-founder of Fermi Energia – a company that is proposing to build small nuclear energy plants in the country. First, most of theContinue Reading