Opposition parties have had a boost in support compared to November, according to a new poll conducted for Yle. The National Coalition Party (NCP) tops the December poll, with pollsters estimating that they get some 21.8 percent of voters’ support. The last time the NCP polled this well in Yle’sContinue Reading

Sunday marked polling day of the 2021 local government council elections in Estonia. Preliminary results put voter turnout at 54.7 percent, with record 275,587 votes cast electronically between Monday and Saturday. People supported election coalitions in most of Estonia’s 79 local governments, with Center proving the most successful political partyContinue Reading

Former Auditor General, Director of the Estonian National Museum Alar Karis was elected the next president of Estonia with 72 votes of the 68 required on Tuesday. Karis will take office as president in October. The second round of voting in the 2021 presidential election saw Karis elected president betweenContinue Reading

The 101-seat parliament was unable to elect the new president of Estonia on Monday as the sole candidate in the ballot, 63-year-old Alar Karis, failed to secure the necessary majority of votes.  Karis, director of the Estonian National Museum, received 63 votes in the secret ballot.  There were 16 emptyContinue Reading