Russian-speaking people in Estonia and Latvia live in the Russian world, writer and social anthropologist Erika Fatland writes in Norway’s largest daily Aftenposten. In an article entitled “Trapped in the Kremlin’s long shadows” (“Fanget i Kremls lange skygger”), Fatland says that thirty years after the collapse of the Soviet Union,Continue Reading

A Kaunas-based company that is linked to Russia has breached EU sanctions and supplied equipment to the construction of power plants in the Russian-annexed peninsular of Crimea, according to Rūta Juknevičiūtė, LRT Investigation Team, Mikhail Maglov, Russian anti-corruption website Scanner project, Ivanna Trutnenko and US broadcaster RFE/RL. In the KaunasContinue Reading

European Union leaders will hold a face-to-face summit in Brussels on May 25 to discuss the coronavirus crisis, the battle against climate change and tensions with Russia, a spokesman said. Several recent EU gatherings have been held by videoconference as a Covid-19 safety measure, but a spokesman for European CouncilContinue Reading

Sinisalu said that Moscow’s involvement in protests on Toompea Hill and other city center locations should not be suspected. “The protests have drawn very different people who are afraid of the police being given greater powers, including those against the obligation to wear a mask and anti-vaccination activists. The [coronavirus]Continue Reading

The situation is becoming increasingly tense on Ukraine’s eastern border. While Ukraine claims Russia has consciously put a strain on the eastern part of the country and troop movements have given rise to rumors of the war picking up again, the Kremlin’s goals remain unclear for the time being. ChairmanContinue Reading