Trucks packed with military hardware could this weekend be seen in big numbers on the roads that connect northern Sweden and Finland with neighbouring Norway. Several of them carried tanks and heavy armoured vehicles. Sweden and Finland have participated in the bi-annual Cold Response for more than 15 years. ButContinue Reading

Prime Minister Sanna Marin did not want to say on Saturday whether Finland and Sweden were seeking special non-Nato partner status with the United States. Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin (SDP) and her Swedish counterpart, Magdalena Andersson, on Saturday said their countries were deepening cooperation in the wake of Russia’sContinue Reading

Sweden has no plans now to apply for NATO membership and isn’t considering the issue, the country’s Foreign Minister Ann Linde said on Monday. This is stated in the foreign policy declaration 2022, released by the country’s government. “Freedom from military alliances serves us well and contributes to stability andContinue Reading

Fem oppositionspartier vill markera det svenska självbestämmandet att kunna gå med i Nato. Men regeringen vill inte ha någon sådan diskussion och tvekar även inför kravet att låta exportera försvarsmaterial till Ukraina. Samtidigt får Sverigedemokraterna kritik för att inte stödja att EU-pengar går till Ukraina. Utrikesminister Ann Linde (S) presenterade påContinue Reading

A new poll suggests that a right-wing government could enter power after Sweden’s upcoming September elections. But a fragmented political map makes predictions difficult. The poll, commissioned and published on 11 February by the newspaper close to the Social Democratic Party, Aftonbladet, shows that the Social Democrats continue to be theContinue Reading

Sweden said it would give Ukraine 50 million Swedish crowns (US$5.4 million) over three years to support economic development, dialogue and general resilience in south and east Ukraine. The money will go into the Partnership Fund for Resilient Ukraine, launched with the United Kingdom, Switzerland and the United States. “ThisContinue Reading