Last December, the USA and Sweden signed an agreement allowing Americans access to 17 military bases and training grounds in the country. Additionally, Swedes allowed American partners to store arms and weapons in Sweden. The Swedish parliament had to make a decision on legislative changes in order for the agreementContinue Reading

A Lieutenant General with the Finnish Defence Forces told the British business daily that Finland is stepping up its already high level of preparedness in the face of an “increasingly aggressive Russia”. Finland has started storing military equipment in neighbouring Norway and will soon begin doing the same in Sweden,Continue Reading

Snipers are being deployed on rooftops this week ahead of the annual Eurovision Song Contest, with security forces scrambling to protect Israel’s delegation from Islamist threats.  Planned demonstrations from the city’s large and militant Muslim community threaten to tear apart the southern Swedish city of Malmö. With 100,000 visitors descendingContinue Reading

Sweden’s recent Nato membership is also a significant leap forward for Finland’s defence, said Finland’s Defence Minister Antti Häkkänen (NCP), describing the current security situation in the Nordic region. On Saturday, Häkkänen visited Enontekiö in Finnish Lapland for Nato’s Nordic Response combat exercises and met with Swedish Defence Minister PålContinue Reading