Sweden on Wednesday extended a series of restrictions introduced to limit the spread of the coronavirus amid a rise in new cases. “Stay the course, the situation is serious. Once again, I would like to ask for a real effort,” Prime Minister Stefan Lofven said. He urged inhabitants to limit their social contacts andContinue Reading

Miljöpartiets nya kvinnliga språkrör Märta Stenevi

Miljöpartiet har valt en ny ledare. Hon heter Märta Stenevi. Hon blir partiets nya kvinnliga språkrör. Miljöpartiet har inte en partiledare. De har två språkrör. En man och en kvinna. Det manliga språkröret heter Per Bolund. Han är också minister i regeringen. Det kvinnliga språkröret hette Isabella Lövin, men nuContinue Reading

In Hungary, not everything works out. While Sweden has chosen a path that is to obey the LGBTQ lobby, Hungary says no and takes responsibility. A change in the law in Hungary makes it impossible for homosexuals to adopt children. In order to be able to implement the amendment, theContinue Reading

The defense ministers of Finland, Norway and Sweden meet in the far northern military base of Porsangmoen to sign an agreement that is to bolster Nordic cooperation. “This is a beautiful place with great nature, and I wanted to show it to my Nordic colleagues,” Norwegian Minister of Defense FrankContinue Reading