The military’s intelligence and security service, known as Must said on Monday that Sweden is safer after applying to join Nato, stating that Sweden had received bilateral security assurances from several countries while the membership was still pending. But at the same time, Sweden’s military intelligence said that Russia’s militaryContinue Reading

Said to be breakthrough sustainable innovation for the mining industry’s transition to low-carbon production, the very first battery-powered MT42 truck was presented this week. LKAB, Europe’s largest iron-ore producer, is ready to put the vehicle into operations hundreds of meters under the surface at its mine inside the Arctic Circle.Continue Reading

Trucks packed with military hardware could this weekend be seen in big numbers on the roads that connect northern Sweden and Finland with neighbouring Norway. Several of them carried tanks and heavy armoured vehicles. Sweden and Finland have participated in the bi-annual Cold Response for more than 15 years. ButContinue Reading