Deminers from the Estonian Rescue Board will be sent to Ukraine to help clear ordinance left in the country by the Russian military, Minister of the Interior Kristian Jaani (Center) said on Friday. Plans are already in place to send a five-man rotating team along with three vehicles, the ministerContinue Reading

Nearly half of respondents say they are postponing buying or renovating apartments or holiday homes due to rising interest rates and the global political situation. Feelings of economic uncertainty are increasing among people in Finland, according to the results of a survey commissioned by lobby group Finance Finland (FFI). SomeContinue Reading

The closure of Russian airspace is causing uncertainty in Lapland’s tourism industry, which has relied heavily on travel from Asian countries. The amount of Asian tourists visiting Finnish Lapland has been growing year after year, before stopping completely because of the pandemic. Now, after many travel restrictions have been lifted,Continue Reading

Latvian charity organisation frequently receives verbal attacks from angry Latvian residents for the organisations work in Ukraine, said the manager of Rūta Dimanta in an interview to LTV Rīta panorāma. As for the level of cohesion within Latvia’s society in the context of the war in Ukraine, DimantaContinue Reading