Protesters in front of Sweden's parliament in Stockholm, Sweden, 21 June 2016. Swedish lawmakers overwhelmingly approved legislation on 21 June 2016 to tighten regulations for asylum and family reunification in the Scandinavian country.

The Swedish Migration Agency must teach asylum seekers not to be violent

With the help of digital technology and “oral information”, those seeking asylum in Sweden will learn about how it works in this country. The government seems to have come to the conclusion that for many who come here, it is okay with violence in close relationships, female genital mutilation, child marriage and so on, so that special efforts are required. And it is the Swedish Migration Agency that gets the assignment from the government.

The whole thing is part of the January agreement between S, MP, C and L and the assignment will be evaluated in 2023. Morgan Johansson (S) says the following in a press release:

  • All asylum seekers staying in this country must know what rights and obligations apply and what life here looks like. The introduction to society must be part of the asylum process and it must function as a natural start to a chain of establishment-promoting initiatives that are given to asylum seekers in Sweden.

The information should include “polygamy, genital mutilation, child marriage and racism (such as anti-Semitism, Afrophobia, Islamophobia) and similar forms of hostility”; in addition, they will learn about “honor-related violence and oppression” and so on.

Good or completely unreasonable?

I must put my foot down here and make it clear: you do not understand that you should not rape; marry children; engage in genital mutilation; abuse your wife (or wives) and so on, you have nothing to do in Sweden. Swedes who engage in such things are punished (and should be punished more severely). We have enough with our own violent people and need to fill the ranks with people who have to take a course at the Swedish Migration Board to learn how to behave like people.

It is also futile. If you have lived your life in a country whose culture is based on whipping the midwife and that women without a veil are whores, for example, then no course at the Swedish Migration Board will change that. Unfortunately, those responsible probably think so. They believe that thousands of years of inherited culture will disappear, whereby the void can be filled with Swedish norms (should it not be racist to think that Swedish norms are better than their own by the way?).

But there they will sit around steaming hot coffee mugs, with some asylum activist at the Swedish Migration Board tweeting about the Swedish values. You will snuggle in true ABF spirit and all Swedes will be wiped out.

I do not think that one will even make a marginal difference with this social education. You can not become Swedish or European through any course at the Swedish Migration Board. It is a process that takes thousands of years and is constantly ongoing and of which we Europeans are a part at all times. Integration and such educations are fruitless – doomed to fail just like this whole multicultural experiment. That they have not seen it by now shows that they will never see it. The solution must therefore be forced through and it is a delicate task – yours and my task.

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