Water supply and sewer tariffs to climb 22.4% in Riga in June

From 1 June onward the general water supply and sewer tariff in Riga will increase 22.4%, reaching 2.35 EUR/m3 instead of the current 1.92 EUR/m3, according to the decision made by the Public Utilities Commission.

The water supply tariff will be 1.02 EUR/m3, which is EUR 0.17 more than it is now. Sewer service tariff will be 0.91 EUR/m3, which is EUR 0.17 more than it is now.

Sewer water treatment service tariff will be 0.42 EUR/m3, which is EUR 0.09 more.

Previous Rīgas ūdens tariffs were approved in 2018.

The tariffs approved by SPRK are slightly different from the initial offer submitted by Rīgas ūdens at the end of 2021. The company had planned to set the water supply tariff at 1.02 EUR/m3, sewer service tariff to 0.93 EUR/m3 and the sewer treatment service tariff to 0.43 EUR/m3.

The regulator previously reported that changes to the water supply and treatment services are related to the increase of energy, heating energy, gas and other costs, as well as the reduction of water service volumes.

According to information from Firmas.lv, the turnover of Rīgas ūdens was EUR 55 656 154 in 2020, profits were at EUR 8 097 791. Financial data for 2021 is not yet available.

The company was registered in 1991 with base capital of EUR 127 587. The company is owned by Riga City Council.

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