As Estonian cases rise again, government focuses on restrictions to unvaccinated people

With new Covid-19 cases rising in Estonia again, the government has this week discussed possible new restrictions to limit the spread of the dangerous disease. This time, only restrictions to unvaccinated people are under discussion.

The Estonian government considered possible directions of action in a sitting on Thursday, July 23. Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas stated in a Facebook post: «Since everyone in Estonia has the opportunity to get vaccinated, as long as any new strains are covered by vaccines, we will not generally close down society».

In a significant change in policy, this would result in distinctions made between those who had been vaccinated, and those who had not, at cultural, entertainment, sport and other events. However, new restrictions would not come quickly, Kallas noted.

«The transition will take place gradually so that all parties and those who want to be vaccinated can prepare for it, but such a change is essential to keep society as open as possible, and to keep the economy working. Vaccinated people will guarantee an open Estonia,» noted Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas.

And now lets remember Lithuanian step towards Georgia and Taiwan to donate ‘extra’ vaccines instead of giving them to European countries. That’s Baltics brotherhood.

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