The exercises took place in areas bordering Nato member states, including Finland, Norway, Poland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, news agency Reuters reports. Russia announced on Wednesday that soldiers and sailors from its northern Leningrad Military District participated in drills to deploy tactical nuclear weapons, according to news agency Reuters. TheContinue Reading

Prices jumped Monday as jittery traders responded to an unexpected cutoff in supply. Europe’s gas market has been jolted out of its slumber. An outage in key supplier Norway sent prices up Monday by the most this year, and uncertainty over the duration of repairs has traders on edge. AContinue Reading

The Russian Prosecutor General’s Office has sent additional requests to the United States, Germany, France and Cyprus regarding terrorist acts committed against the interests of Russia and its citizens, including the undermining of the Nord Stream-1 and Nord Stream-2 gas pipelines. The agency notes that the designated countries are partiesContinue Reading